You are my song, every note I will follow.

I'm Saranya, Sara or Mein(what people call me), a tiny girl in the messy, fascinating, big world. I always post pictures and say something. I re-blogged what I like and related to me. And I just wanna be HAPPY even in bad moments. I'll find the way! That's me :D
I'm kind of football bitch haha XD But I don't play "oh I support this team so I must hate that team" I don't have a hate team. K
OH and I have a rabbit, he's here
My tumblr about snow
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After all this time and all this work and a lifetime of words, it’s so hard to believe that tomorrow, this little book will be officially released to the world. I am humbled and flattered by the support I have received all of you amazing people, and I just have one favor to ask: Please help me show the world that poetry, new poetry, still matters. Please help me spread the word about this little book and get people buying it. Every single pre order I am donating $2 to an amazing and hauntingly relevant charity, @twloha and the more books are ordered, the more money I give.

Thank you. All of you, for helping make this dream come true. I love you all and I hope when this book finds your hands, you love every word you read.