You are my song, every note I will follow.


Dear Manchester United,

Someone said you have no values and still get good backing. What are we gonna do? What? 19th title? Huh? what’s his fav. team? oh Wolverhampton Wanderers. Oh and last time Wolves has beaten Man Utd he said Wolves teaches Man Utd what football is. Nah I ain’t mad at that time. I just grinned to myself haha. I was happy for him too. At least he has something to proud of for a short moment. SHORT MOMENT. Or may be I think 1 more trophy from Champions League on this coming Saturday? I used to be happy for him every time Wolves won but now he shouldn’t have said Man Utd has no values. How much does 19 title cost? 14,107,147(there’ll be more) fans on facebook not include people who don’t use facebook. What should we do to have more values?

How much does 19 title cost more? HISTORY + GLORY and LEGENDS…

Hell no, I’m not being an arrogant or flattering Man Utd. I think everyone knows what FACT means….The End.